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Alumni FAQ

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Q. What is the NCC Group Alumni Network?

The NCC Group Alumni Network is a platform providing former colleagues access to the people and ideas shaping the industry so that everyone can easily stay engaged and informed.

Q. Who is eligible to join the NCC Group Alumni Network?

NCC Group colleagues may register to participate in the NCC Group Alumni Network upon leaving the Group. Former colleagues who worked at NCC Group are eligible to join. Contractors and contingent workers are not eligible at this time. 

Those who join the Network and rejoin NCC Group are welcome to remain a member of the NCC Group Alumni Network.

Q. I’ve only worked at NCC Group as a contractor; can I join?

The NCC Group Alumni Network is open to former colleagues of NCC Group. Contractors and contingent workers are not eligible at this time.

Q. How do I register and join the NCC Group Alumni Network?

You can register and join by visiting here and clicking on 'register today'.

Q. How long does it take to be approved?

The majority of alumni will be automatically approved when connecting through LinkedIn if your profile shows that you worked for NCC Group or a previously owned NCC Group company.

Some alumni may need to be manually approved to join, which might take a little longer.

Q. If I connect my account with LinkedIn, will you ever post content on my behalf?

When joining the NCC Group Alumni Network, we will suggest you share the news via LinkedIn. We will only ever do this with your permission.

Q. How will I know if I have been approved?

You will receive a welcome email when you have been approved.

Q. I am approved - what now?

Log on right away and take advantage of all the network has to offer.

Q. Who can I speak to if I have a question regarding the NCC Group Alumni Network?

Please contact our Alumni Relations Team.

Q. What are the rules here?

At NCC Group we want to create an environment where all colleagues feel psychologically, emotionally and physically safe to be their authentic selves, representative of the diversity of the world they live in, to share their personal experiences and have equal opportunity to achieve. This is also true of this community.

So, we ask that you:

  • Do not engage in racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or ableist behaviour.
  • Do not make comments intended to hurt or offend.
  • Do not use defamatory language.
  • Do not share any sensitive or confidential information of any kind.

If you do not abide by these rules, you may be asked to leave.

For more information on how NCC Group is making a more inclusive workplace for everybody, please see our website.

If you have any questions about these rules, please contact our Alumni Relations Team.